Series 1500/1520

Application area

Non-driven container conveyor systems where the roller is generally used for conveying packaged or unpackaged food products. Since high levels of cleanliness requirements are met, the roller can be used in moist areas and a wet cleaning can be performed.

Long service life

Smooth-running, wear-resistant slide bearings, which do not allow any grease to be washed out, are installed in series 1500. In addition, the use of shaft pins made of stainless steel ensures a high corrosion resistance. Pressed-in bearing housings prevent foreign bodies from penetrating into the inside of the roller.

Easy cleaning

Contaminations can be removed with commercial cleaning agents. For particular thorough cleaning, the roller can easily be removed and reinstalled.

Simple installation

Slide bearing bushings allow engaging in a side profile with a maximum wall thickness of 2.5 mm and hexagon holes (does not apply to series 1520).

Robust construction

For axial fixation of the bearing housing, the bearing assemblies for PVC tubes are secured with an internal press-in edge in addition to the press fit.